27 thoughts on “Taylor Swift – Style | Bộ Sưu Tập chủ đề liên quan đến logo spa Đầy đủ

  1. Aleeha says:

    Okay so started watching shadowhunters like last month and I was like why is the guy looking so familiar, now I see..😅

    Tbh I find his character so annoying, he enrages me🙄

  2. XflowerssX says:

    I used to have a big obsession with Taylor swift and I still love her music but I also used to own one of her albums my parents got for me it came with a calendar some pictures of her and cds. We had a record player sort of thing and I remember this was one of the songs I’d listen to all day when I was about 6 or 7. So this song brings me back.

  3. Bora Buzal says:

    the moment when I realized that the guy is Jace from the Shadowhunters… It was incredible lol cause the shadowhunters is literally my favourite show rn and i watched this mv like 100 times and i didn't realized it

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