29 thoughts on “Steven Austin Logo Nail Design – Bright Acrylic Sculpted Nail | Danh Sách đề tài nói về logo nail chi tiết

  1. Naio Nails says:

    Sorry about the glitchy video folks, it wasn't spotted in the video export. I will fix and re-upload for those who want to see the process more clearly. but damn the finished nail looks good!! Adam xx

  2. oljenka88 says:

    You know you are old when watching the glitchy video the first thing that comes to mind is that something is wrong with the VHS tape lol. Now I have officially joined the "older generation" :/

  3. Lioness7 says:

    I liked the nail without the writing and the unicorn actually. 🤔
    Good job tho anyway. I know how tricky it is to draw tiny things on nails. Lol..even harder doing it on my own nails. But I still manage 😉

  4. Keirsten Benjamin says:

    What size brush did you use for the drawing and writing! I can never find a nail brush that is small enough! Also how do you keep your brush so perfect? I always have trouble with the bristles spreading apart

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