44 thoughts on “small aesthetic milk tea cafe tour ✨🍶 | Danh Sách đề tài liên quan đến logo cafe Đầy đủ

  1. Jo Salazar says:

    May I know how much is the estimated cost of this whole shop? If you don't mind. 😊 Interior and all except for the products. I so love it!!! ❤️ Planning to open up a small shop soon

  2. Geekdom Entertainment says:

    Why Miku? Is it a franchise? If not, where do you get your supplies?
    And if you don’t mind sir, in the ball park of how much did you spend for the renovation? The shop looks good.

  3. Jaesen Dungca says:

    I saw the syrup bottles. How was your experience using the pump?
    I purchased something on lazada and I'm not satisfied with the pump 😢. but its a different bottle. Its a slim round bottle

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