SLOW LIVING | How to Enjoy Life More at a Slower Pace | Minimalist Lifestyle | Bộ Sưu Tập chủ đề nhắc đến minimalism là gì đúng nhất

Bạn chuẩn bị viết chủ đề nhắc đến minimalism là gì. Mọi người cần những thông tin nhắc đến đến chủ đề bạn thực hiện, bài viết đây sẽ dành cho bạn, với những thông tin, câu trả lời được nêu lên thích hợp nhất cho chủ đề này. Giúp Mọi người có thể hoàn thành chủ đề một cách tốt nhất.

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Ngoài xem các Bảng Tin về minimalism là gì này, các bạn có thể xem nhiều chủ đề liên quan khác do chúng mình cập nhật ngay đây nhé

SLOW LIVING | How to Enjoy Life More at a Slower Pace | Minimalist Lifestyle và các hình ảnh liên quan đến chuyên mục này.

SLOW LIVING | How to Enjoy Life More at a Slower Pace | Minimalist Lifestyle
SLOW LIVING | How to Enjoy Life More at a Slower Pace | Minimalist Lifestyle

minimalism là gì và các Bảng Tin liên quan chuyên mục.

Đôi khi cuộc sống có thể cảm thấy như đang trôi qua chúng ta, vì vậy hôm nay tôi muốn nói về lối sống chậm – đối với tôi nó là gì, lợi ích của nó và các chiến lược để đưa nó vào cuộc sống của chúng ta. Tôi vẫn đang làm việc đó, nhưng tôi tin rằng sống chậm lại cho phép chúng ta hiện diện nhiều hơn trong cuộc sống và kết nối với con người thật của chúng ta. Đó là tạo ra nhiều không gian hơn trong cuộc sống của chúng ta để chánh niệm, sống trong khoảnh khắc và tận hưởng những hoạt động bình thường hàng ngày. Hãy cho tôi biết bạn nghĩ lợi ích của việc sống chậm là gì hoặc các chiến lược bạn sử dụng để sống chậm hơn. Video liên quan: Chủ nghĩa tối giản đã thay đổi cuộc sống của tôi như thế nào Cách xây dựng sự tự tin

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Từ khoá có liên quan đến chuyên mục minimalism là gì.

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SLOW LIVING | How to Enjoy Life More at a Slower Pace | Minimalist Lifestyle.

minimalism là gì.

Rất mong với những Thông tin về minimalism là gì này sẽ có giá trị cho bạn. Thật Sự Mong với các thông tin này sẽ giúp bạn thực hiện đề tài nhanh nhất và tốt nhất. Chúng tôi chân thành .

20 thoughts on “SLOW LIVING | How to Enjoy Life More at a Slower Pace | Minimalist Lifestyle | Bộ Sưu Tập chủ đề nhắc đến minimalism là gì đúng nhất

  1. aldena suemia says:

    Your videos are really great and helpful but if I could give you my opinion: I think you would have more impact if you avoided constant repetitions of some words ("actually" at every sentence) and avoided ending each sentence like it was a question (with your intonation). I've noticed in the last 3-4 videos I watched so just thought I'd let you know x

  2. Raven says:

    These were all GREAT tips. Working on crafting my authentically peaceful and simple life has been such as journey.

    I make videos on slow living – hope you get a chance to watch a few <3

  3. K M says:

    I deleted Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and made the deal with myself that I will redownload Instagram once a week for an hour so I can have my scheduled video calls with my friends on the platform and catch up on some highlights. So far, it's been transformative in how I spend my days, and simply not having the option to scroll is such a weight lifted off of me. Taking the plunge to fully delete the apps was just the level of accountability that I personally needed.

  4. Caroline Asebrook says:

    I forgot my cell phone at my office Friday evening. My first thought was to drive back for it. I decided to leave it and I’m so glad I did!! It’s been a wonderful weekend and I think I’m going to turn it off on Weekends as the norm!,

  5. Maria Saxon says:

    💡You explained very well how Mindfulness is important & beneficial to all, even those not on our minimalism journey. At the same time you explained how Mindfulness (Slow-Living) & Minimalism go hand in hand. Thank you for sharing!

  6. Gabrielle Pitts says:

    This is so beautiful … Present living is real living. It’s an ongoing work in process for me as well. Truthfully, YouTube is my biggest distraction but I struggle to delete it because of YouTube influences like you. It helps me to evolve but I need to have rules around it.

  7. Maddie Malacopa says:

    I really like and appreciate you opening up and being honest about not being perfect. A lot of minimalist youtubers seem like they’re always perfect w everything- spending money, eating, sleeping 8 hrs a day and waking up at 5am, never regretting any decluttering, somehow having way more hours in the day etc. I know it was just mindlessly picking up your phone but I appreciate it

  8. Alma Magee says:

    Thank you for another great video! Yes, a real challenge for me to be in the moment. My mind wants to go from one thing to the next all the time. Your videos calm me down because you look so peaceful.

  9. Wardatul Zikra says:

    sometimes i told that time flies so fast, but now when i trying to practice slow living, i know the answer, just because i never respect my time, i never living my time thats why i always feel times flies so fast,,,

  10. Patricia Johnsonson says:

    It’s hard to slow to the moment, isn’t it. I fight with the same thing. My husband is go, go, go. He has to have something to do all the time and when he is not busy on a project, he has the TV on. Since he has retired, he has taken over the cooking and cleaning and is the primary babysitter on days we watch our grandsons. I was busy too, but since I have been retired, I have learned to slow down. I relax after eating breakfast and don’t rush right into the first task of then day. My husband is off to the hardware store, to Walgreens, etc. I have also learned to relax in the evening. I watch videos of things that interest me instead of mindlessly watch some TV show, I now take time to enjoy my grandchildren and enjoy my day. I do feel like I am useful that I was, but I fight that concern.

  11. Gardening With Jen says:

    I had my phone in my hand one day and my eight year old sat beside me looking at a book. A few minutes past and I felt a heavy pull to put my phone down and to be in the moment. That was the last time I got to do that he tragically died a week or maybe two two weeks later. It is a terrible thing to waist our time with. I cannot even remember what I was looking at but you better believe I know exactly what book he was looking at! You are spot on with the emotions. I have to remind myself I need to slow down and let grief be at front and center. It is a very common thing I have noticed with other's in grief to stay so busy you don't make or want time for it.

  12. Tennessee Nana says:

    You are so RIGHT ON! about living in the moment! Time is something that can't be added to or replaced. I have a quote on my desk from Lao Tzu "If you are depressed, you are living in the past. If you are anxious, you are living in the future. If you are at peace, you are living in the present." What we really have is our NOW. The few seconds ago are history and the future becomes our present. I am enjoying your videos and thank you for them.

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