41 thoughts on “Roblox Bloxburg: "Starbucks Café" Speed build and Tour – September 12, 2020, | Minami Oroi | Bộ Sưu Tập nội dung về logo cafe Đầy đủ

  1. Maddy Badger says:

    Hi Queen I'm so impressed by your builds and I love the way you do your own style plus Tysm for being so kind and readying out comments and replying to us you are the most kind youtuber out there I love you bestie plus stay safe:)

  2. Silver Gaming says:

    Hey I would like to start off by saying WOW 🤩!!! Brilliant build, I am loving the colours and general aesthetic feel!
    Question time; where do you get the Starbucks logo?
    Nice ideas🤎Good luck for the future!

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