49 thoughts on “Remove Anything in Photoshop with the Clone Stamp Tool! | Tập Hợp chủ đề nhắc đến rectangular marquee tool trong photoshop đúng nhất

  1. PHLEARN says:

    Greetings, PHAM! We forgot to mask out a bit of street Clone Stamped over the subject's stomach. You can do this by adding a Layer Mask to the Clone Stamp Layer and painting with black over any areas you want to erase. Thanks for catching the miss! We've had Aaron locked in the recording studio for two weeks straight–that can cause anyone to go a little Clone Stamp crazy.

  2. Black Baron says:

    ☠️BLACK BARON☠️ I get this adobe greycolor circle spinball now after 2 seconds pressing and holding for stamping. It's disturbing. It was not the case in OS X High Sierra. In OS X Mojave I get this annoying "wait I need to think around" Adobe spinball. What is this annoying feature?

  3. Karen Coffelt says:

    What does it do when you go to Image>apply image? Does it make a new layer by merging the layers in the group? All the visible layers? Is it the same thing as stamping the visible layers, and if so, why not just do that? Great tutorial, btw!

  4. Jamie Bailey says:

    I cannot do anything right when it comes to the clone stamp tool. My steps are:
    On my vector mask layer 2, click control over the color I want, then start drawing where I want it. NADA. Nothing is changing. Helpppppp 🧐

  5. ROSS DAWISE says:

    umm idk if you're gonna reply, but when i'm trying to sample, nothing is happening, im pressing option then i clikc on a area and nothing is there, and yes overlay is on, andnothing is happening, please help.

  6. luhole says:

    Around 13:40, are you just clicking in quick succession to resample as you move horizontally along the building? Also what's the difference at 13:48 where you're sampling the edge, like your mouse is much further to the left than where the image is actually being altered? (Whereas it usually looks like your mouse is right over where the change is happening, if that makes sense?)

  7. kush kaur says:

    i am a novice in photoshop, and have been learning in school only so its hard when im doing at home projects and not knoing how to use some of the tools. this video helped ALOT so tysm:)

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