50 thoughts on “Precisely Cut Out Hair Using Color Range in Photoshop! | Danh Sách đề tài liên quan crop photoshop đúng chuẩn

  1. Julio Isac Borja Padilla says:

    Hola, saludos cordiales soy julio isac Borja de Bolivia.
    Una sugerencia si es posible
    Seria genial si pusieran subtítulos en español por favor
    Me gustan sus tutoriales y aprendo mucho, pero no le entiendo al Inglés 🤦‍♂️😁

  2. Grae Hall says:

    YOU CAN HOLD THE R KEY AND FRKN WHAT?! I mean, pulling your curves is the most accurate way of painting and so often I've got to paint an angle which isn't great for my dexterity BUT I CAN JUST HOLD THE R KEY AND SPIN THE FRKN CANVAS?!

  3. Andy Kaps says:

    Dude, I've been using Photoshop professionally for longer than you've been alive, and yet I still learn new techniques everytime I watch your videos. I hope you're making a shitload of coin with YouTube because you deserve it.

  4. Simply Doing says:

    answer my question


    I think so !
    Don't you think so ?


    A Tip for You: You speak very fast, which somepeople can't get it. even i trained myself to hear you so fast.
    Please Slow down 20% flow !

  5. NetTubeUser says:

    Honestly, instead of using those keyboard shortcuts, we should have ALSO icons too. We are NOT in the 90s anymore, and shortcuts were created because the screen resolution was too low to make icons which is not the case today anymore! Plus, we use many programs, and we don't have time to remember every single shortcut. It's time-consuming for nothing.

  6. Sanjin Mujkic says:

    Dude you are awesome. a Wizard. …I don't get half of the stuff you do or explain. I easily loose you but it's mesmerizing to see you working. This is beyond my level of understanding photoshop.

  7. Mauricio Arouesty says:

    At the minute 9:38 where you explain the short cut for clipping mask, the blending mode of the brush change from normal to lighten but you didn´t mentionated it, so I have a question: is this an accident or it should be changed?

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