49 thoughts on “PLANTED AQUARIUM MAINTENANCE – IN-DEPTH TUTORIAL FOR BEGINNERS | Tập Hợp nội dung về brush đường thẳng Đầy đủ

  1. Rishabh Dwivedi says:

    Dear Sir
    Kindly suggest , i have a sand path in my tank and i topup the sand without wash and nano particles of sand mix in soil from surface to bottom so how can i clean the soil from sand ?

  2. SeraphimIP X says:

    maintenance… i have a friend who is doing absolutely nothing for years… the whole thing is full with cyano bacteria, fishes are fine plants are… 🙂 on the other hand there’s me: doing constant water changes, nutriants, fertilizers, anti-algea treatments, trimming, cutting,… but i can’t get rid of algeas… yeah, fishes are fine but the plants look super ugly… 🙂 it is… a mystery 🙂 with the care.

  3. Tomy Müller says:

    Hello dear GA team.

    In this video you can see some mash barrels in which you store the osmosis water. I do the same now. Now to my problem / questions. I noticed that after a while a slightly whitish / transparent smeary film forms in the barrel and the devices in the barrel. I have a dark blue barrel (opaque) with an – "almost" light and airtight – black lid on the barrel. How does it look like with you? Do you have that too? What is it or is it harmless? What are you doing about it? You can find a lot of unclear statements on the internet.
    thank you for your answer

  4. Patrick says:

    I noticed that the filter inflow, outflow and skimmer was kept on the same corner on same side. Is it okay to keep inflow on the back corner and outflow on the front corner of the same side of the tank??

  5. Zeety says:

    Hi, how to stick root tabs in a monte carlo iwagumi tank? My tank is 3 months now but it was a dutch style before and i forgot to stick root tabs and now the monte carlo are carpeting. Any tips?

  6. Franky Mitsu says:

    question for you, great fan here, everytime i trim my ammanlia gracilis they dont grow back and the tip turns black like rotting and no other shoots coming why is that, I dose fertilizers co2 and nutrient substrate also high light

  7. Sven says:

    Im so glad you acknowledged the plight ive been dealing with.
    Freaking shrimp football.. No matter how many pebbles I stack, they still manage to get some and shove it onto my fine sand foreground..

  8. WaNa RiSzUaN says:

    Dear Mr Farkas & Tommy 🙂 I have just done my maintenance for one of my main tanks.. While siphoning the tank – towards the bottom, I found baby shrimps darting here and there.. It is so tiny that I am reluctant to throw away the water that I have siphoned.. Upon checking, I found many in that murky water.. What should I do & what will your advise be..? I dont want to be a murderer lol.. On serious note, I am happy that my shrimps are having many babies however I have 3 Mr Fugus & 3 Mr Rainbow Sharks apart from the usual Mr Pleco, Mr Otocinclus – you name it..! lol Currently I am holding that murky water in a huge pail with an air-pump inside.. hoping the babies will get bigger so I can visually scoop them out.. Help!

    Oh btw Loving your videos – I am a novice, from Singapore and learning too much from you guys :'D Blame the Covid-19 that I stumble upon this newfound hobby and loving it..! Thank you for your vids – sure help us lots

  9. Ron Rogers says:

    I only started watching videos about aquascaping for like 2 or 3 months, max. But after watching most of the videos in Green Aqua, i feel like im ready to start aquascaping myself without any major problem since i already got most of basic stuff regarding aquascaping in my head. Maybe should write them somewhere to make sure i always remember them. Its just that the cost to start here in my place are maybe a little bit more expensive than any other country. Dont worry, i already done quite enough research to get most of the stuff for slightly cheaper options and not neglecting the quality. Good job green aqua, lets bring more people to join our beautiful world of aquascaping community!

  10. Gilvan Silva says:

    Hi guys, I really appreciated and learned from this video. May I ask what are those adapters you guys put on hoses to keep flow water under control at maintenance work? I remember you guys have separated hoses used put "dirty" water out, and other hoses to replace clean water. Please share the details. Thanks in advance from Brazil.

  11. WOLFSKIN says:

    This is a really nice video! Thanks for sharing all the info. I’m planning to build a tank myself one day and to learn all these things beforehand is really helpful! I really love paludaria by the way as well. Still deciding what will suit me best. Any suggestions? : )

  12. John Texan says:

    So, plant, fertilize and lot of light… then let the shrimp & snails do their thing. LOL I commend you guys, but that's just so much damn work when I already have a job that sucks up my life.

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