48 thoughts on “OFF-WHITE Inspired Nail Art on JJ | Tập Hợp đề tài nói về logo nail đúng nhất

  1. Vicky ferguson says:

    That yellow I love how it applies on the nail but just wondering if anyone has noticed? that it smells sooooo yummy like the old yellow antibiotic syrup you use to get as a kid the banana flavoured one! love it lol

  2. Pure Potential says:

    Right. So. I'm a civil engineer who destresses by doing nail art and watching your instructional videos…. Could you try a construction site themed set for me? Inspiration; neon safety vests, concrete, construction signs, etc. Love you lots!

  3. edith velazquez-barajas says:

    i haven't got my nails done in a really long time, but watching you do these amazing nail art on your clients is so relaxing and very very enjoyable to watch. people that dislikes your videos must not understand or appreciate amazing art that very well

  4. sharexoshowxo says:

    Road kill nails?! Reminds me of US police tape at accident scenes, with skid marks, and bloody pavement…. This one isn't my cup of tea😖. But after all these years and only this one set Kirsty did that I didnt love?!?….She's still my favorite nail queen of all time!!! ❤💗💓🤩

  5. Tam Dillon says:

    I started watching you when I couldn’t even do a nail. After 5-6 videos I learned the basics an now I can do any shape any design, just about. I realized that the designs I see all over Instagram aren’t hard to do. I just needed to put my big girl panties on an DO it ! And now I DO it. You dear, have taught me everything I know. I’m an old bird tho. I don’t have a 30yrs for a career. I’m 58 an love love doing nails. Old dogs CAN learn new tricks!! Thank you darling.

  6. GuardianAngelWings says:

    Absolutely GORGEOUS! I totally ADORE these! I think I need to hop a plane and get this identical set done by you!!! OMG, gesundheit. Adam!!!! LOL!! And the "Cosmic Sans" font was a total riot! Busted out laughing at that one!!! Your talent is beyond belief, Kirsty, seriously…you're THE BEST! xo

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