My Whole Computer Science Degree in 12 Minutes | Tập Hợp nội dung nói về fsc certificate đúng chuẩn

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Đọc các chủ đề về fsc certificate về My Whole Computer Science Degree in 12 Minutes Nhanh Nhất

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My Whole Computer Science Degree in 12 Minutes và các hình ảnh liên quan đến chuyên mục này.

My Whole Computer Science Degree in 12 Minutes
My Whole Computer Science Degree in 12 Minutes

fsc certificate và các Tin Tức liên quan chuyên mục.

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Nội dung liên quan đến từ khoá fsc certificate.

#Computer #Science #Degree #Minutes.

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My Whole Computer Science Degree in 12 Minutes.

fsc certificate.

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35 thoughts on “My Whole Computer Science Degree in 12 Minutes | Tập Hợp nội dung nói về fsc certificate đúng chuẩn

  1. Lance Marchetti says:

    It's kinda funny how a group of elite people get to tell everyone else exactly what they need to learn to 'make it.'
    They hold onto all the 'knowledge' we need (which can be freely found on Google anyway), and release it to you at a price $, and then on 'graduation' day, they print you a sheet of paper that's supposed to get you a job! Actually…you'll land up as a waiter in a diner. So yeah, but what the hek right?…just stay positive and work your way from there, everything should fall into place…good luck😅

  2. Dreamyandmemey says:

    heh i feel you on failing calc 2. i have done that twice now. once in high school, once at a community college. didn't cost much money, but holy shit was my confidence wounded! not to mention BOTH times were during the pandemic AND the first time i had a teacher (who i otherwise liked) refuse to explain sequences to me and in community college had a tutor who didn't know calc 2 and told me to cheat. neat!

    edit: oh also i'm planning on majoring in statistics. fml.

  3. Rob J says:

    American tertiary education is incredibly strange. Why are languages mandatory? Why is a lab science course mandatory? Such a waste of time and money for you guys.

  4. crissy4445 says:

    No offence to the people but the american education system seems really pointless and fucked up. Why does he need to take a lab science?? How is it that he can use a language to bump his grade thats meant to prove he's good at computing?? I don't like this classes based system

  5. Gts Trajik says:

    If anyone’s already got they’re CS degree how difficult is it I’m pretty interested but I’m not insane at math and my only experience is making key loggers and other small stuff and I’m 16 rn it sorta just seems really intimidating

  6. Joy姐姐 says:

    I’m lowkey having a midlife crisis rn. Most people take 4 years to complete college and I looked at all the classes I have to take and managed to calculate how many I have to take. I graduate in 5 years instead. Is that normal for a cs major? I took a gap year but I didn’t think it would take that long

  7. lizzy Rank says:

    I was like this in HS and regret it cause I was burnt out by the time I got in college. But I also went to college for a degree I didnt really want so that didnt really help.

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