27 thoughts on “Mobile DJ Tips: How to display a Monogram (GOBOs) w/ a Traditional Projector | Danh Sách chủ đề nói về monogram chi tiết

  1. DJ Tricey Trice says:

    Are you still using a projector or are you back using the IKON unit? I'm adding an add on for my upcoming weddings. I don't like the idea of having to rely on getting GOBOs manufactured each time but I'm not in love with the Halo effect. Which worked for you long term?

  2. lnavarro1 says:

    I've been doing gobos this way for years. I use DLP projectors that allow for better contrast setting vs LCD projectors which will make it harder to eliminate the square surround. Great idea on the ball head setup, I have always hung them with ceiling mounts and clamps upside down from a light bar. I use PowerPoint to make the gobos and save as JPG. Make several sizes so when you get to the venue you can pick which one works best on the target surface.

  3. DJ Ananth says:

    You never stop surprising…Wow

    I have this exact projector which I purchased if Client wants to project photos and all… But as most venues give Projectors in the package …it was lieing idle…..I was however thinkin of buying an expensive GOBO….THANKS MAN YOU MADE MY DAY….ALL I NEED IS TO GET THE BELOW:


    THANK YOU VERY MUCH DJ Bayardo🙏🏻🇮🇳

  4. Christopher Kazanes says:

    I believe the halo effect you mention is caused by contrast ratio that projector only has a 3,000:1- a better solution would be a projector with at least 10,000:1 or above and that difference in contrast would not be noticeable a good projector would be the Optoma – HD143X with 23,000:1 that's only $399 and would be a good fit and its HD 1920 x 1080P

  5. Johny Mezcla says:

    The projector that Barr is using IS NOT*** $350 , it’s $1,500*** and obviously the link provided is also false! Not saying he did this on purpose but it truly is the wrong information

  6. DJ Atlys says:

    Hey brother, great video. I used your code, thanks for that one. Really interested in the next video on how to make the animated monograms. Hook a brother up! lol. Sending much respect from sunny Tampa, FL.

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