24 thoughts on “Louis Vuitton Speedy 25 Bandouliere Monogram Review | Danh Sách chủ đề liên quan monogram đúng nhất

  1. GG says:

    I recently just got the speedyB25 in Monogram and noticed only 1 end of the strap has a loop to hold the strap in place and the other end doesn't have an extra loop. Is this right? Im worried LV has sent me a faulty strap! Can someone please advise me? Xx

  2. Sheena Pridemore says:

    I wish they made this bag with the option for a different color strap… like an epi black strap with the LV monogram… I hate dealing with the current leather straps that can potentially get stained… also… I have an old Tivoli bag and the straps are turning almost a black… not get pretty color… I understand the aging look is what most want… but I'm not that into it…. if it turned evenly I might, but I don't really like mine…

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