25 thoughts on “LOUIS VUITTON CARD HOLDER UNBOXING + REVIEW |REVERSE MONOGRAM 2020 | Tập Hợp nội dung liên quan monogram chi tiết

  1. Alan Gonzalez says:

    I got the one that has pink inside today, last night it was on my cart but hesitated and sold out. Checked today and it was in stock, hope my wife likes it for Valentine’s Day. She only carries one debit card and Drivers license

  2. Life with Gray says:

    Omg! I scored both these exact card holders by LV online last week and they both came in perfect condition! Now I’m debating which one to keep lol I kinda want to keep both but idk 😭😩 fuchsia or reverse mono??? Lol send help ☹️❤️

  3. channelDJ says:

    Beautiful card holder, I was stalking this on the website for a while and then gave up! It was so hard to get, congratulations on scoring this!
    New subbie here, glad I found your channel 😊 I'd be super happy to connect with you watch more of your videos ❤️

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