43 thoughts on “LOGO DESIGN | How To Choose The Right Typeface | Tập Hợp đề tài nhắc đến typeface chi tiết

  1. Suomiya Bao says:

    awesome video, it would be much better if you show the serif typography examples at least at the corner using a small window while you talk, instead of only showing your face. I mean, your background looks nice and you look cool for sure, it is just that I had to imagine and recall the typography for most of the time.

  2. Florian R says:

    Awesome video! If i can point out one drawback: you should have detailed sans serif typefaces into sub categories, like you did for serif and script typefaces. You have humanist (Gill Sans), Transitional (Helvetica) and Geometric (Futura).

  3. ryan hinchcliff says:

    Hey will. This is good basic info. My only complaints would be that it all feels a bit rushed, especially when you show the printed papers. Also i would have loved like 5 more business examples and typeface choices (barber, photographer, dentist, car shop, hairstylist ect) <— thats the reason i came to the video and didnt get the aha! i was looking for. (still subscribed and watch every video. Just putting in my 2 cents :P)

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