34 thoughts on “Jump Man Nails | DIY Michael Jordan basketball DIVA Nail Art Design | Tập Hợp nội dung liên quan đến logo nail đúng nhất

  1. Jennifer Dewey says:

    You should put like an "X" to mark the spot of the in frame on the paper towel or what not, that way you'll know where to keep the nail and you'll know when your in frame or not. 🙂

  2. Katie Kennington-Williams says:

    I can't believe that I haven't left a comment here before! I really do love these so much! U and Juicy are super funny together and this is a favorite out of all the intensely cool designs that u have done for her 🙂

  3. Robin Moses Nail Art says:

    go to t he craft store and buy acrylic paint. i used blue polish. i used blue and pink acrylic craft paint from michaels or walmart……see my 'hey robin' playlist to get started and dont spend too much money! xoxo

  4. Brittany F says:

    do you have a bird or something? I hear a weird noise in your videos every few seconds.. WHAT IS IT?!?!

    But other than that, I love your vids! haha. I never paint my nails but I went out and bought nail polish last night and painted 'em all purdy just because of you. I got ZOYA in SHELBY. They're like BAM now. totally Bamming.

  5. Robin Moses Nail Art says:

    i totally hear you…..thats why i am teaching these….to show the next generation of girls who might be interested that there is a market for this type of job/title and that you can have lots of fun. i have worked with countless mean girls and they never made any money, brought drama to all of the shops i worked at and eventually left nails, got pregnant and just worked doing boring jobs. the girls ive worked with who worked it like me ALWAYS had fun, made money and had a great time 😀

  6. Nieaa says:

    i wish i knew more nail artists like you! most of the places ive been dont like to hear about my ideas and get really snippy when i asked for something specific, then they charge me even more because "i didnt like the design i planned for you, so you basically wasted my time.." that is why i do my own nails…

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