28 thoughts on “Intro to Paint Tool SAI – Magic Wand Tool | Bộ Sưu Tập nội dung liên quan magic wand tool chi tiết

  1. Gammeli says:

    When i selected a part with the magic wand, I'm not able to color anything else… Even if it's not the same layer,how can i stop that? Can you help me? I got the test version of PTS yesterday. i can't find the answer anywhere :/
    Maybe you said it and i didn't even understand.. 😮 (I'm german, so sorry if you said how that works)

  2. victor algronovo says:

    if you make a wrong selection how do you immediately undo that without having to clear the whole thing, also how do you select the color you want to make the selection as, thanks!

  3. Rhoeysama says:

    Thank you for the tutorial. 
    But my question is, how does this work for scanned line art? Because if I got some sort of tip on how to color scanned lines faster, I would really appreciate it. 

  4. budgiesRcool says:

    All the differences you listed are because we have different translations of SAI. Other than the name, if it's in the same place, it's the same setting/tool/etc. 😀 For the most part. I have both, so I've tested it out. xD
    And are you sure you're on the right layer when you try to use the wand? Also, your wand's detection mode could be set too high. Or… gaps in your lineart… or… that's about all I can think of. Hope it's one of those!

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