50 thoughts on “If Bad Monograms Had Support Groups | Tập Hợp nội dung liên quan đến monogram đúng nhất

  1. Ruthie Sheppard says:

    My grandmother wanted to name me something atrocious but not initials would have been ASH and the reason my mother stood up for my name (she was a doormat) was because what if I married a man with a last name that started with S? Of all things, I did marry into an S last name and spared from having the initials ASS. I am forever grateful.

  2. Angie‘Sew Therapy says:

    Maiden=ADP. It's a chemical compound). Then APB (all points bulletin). Now APD. It has a ton of meanings too but nothing widely known like the others. Unless I use aDp and I'm a chemical compound from high school again.

  3. bumblebee560 says:

    The monogram thing isn't very big in the pacific northwest, where I'm from. It's available, you just don't see people do it. The closest thing I do is that I have a thing for butterflies. My cell phone case, my hoodie, my masks… if it has a butterfly on it, it's probably mine.

  4. Silence of Solis says:

    I’m glad mine is just AES, I’ll accidentally misread mine as AIDS which makes me laugh. I don’t do my AES name, I just put AS for mine because it causes people to take a double look. They always assume it’s something much worse and I love seeing their face!

  5. Coin a-DIG-tion says:

    now wait…the ones who decide to put their last initial in the middle of their monogram are NOT supposed to be in this group. They're just dumb. That's room 11 down the hall.

  6. Caitlyn Shannon says:

    I'm a bit confused…Can somebody tell me why the monograms aren't actually in name order? Why's the surname initial in the middle? (I'm a single girl from California, I seriously have never monogrammed anything, and I really don't understand.)

  7. Minska Catral says:

    I made sure to pay attention to this when naming my (late) son, and that is why he had two middle names.
    Vincent Logan Ares Gibbons

    I added Logan once I realized that otherwise his initials were VAG.

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