18 thoughts on “How to Start a Successful Embroidery & Monogram Business from Home | Tập Hợp đề tài về monogram Đầy đủ

  1. Chris Hanner says:

    Hi Mary, I just visited your Etsy shop and love all the items you have on offer. I’ve just purchased an embroidery machine and hope to expand my alterations shop by adding these types of smaller items to the services I currently have. Wish me luck!

  2. Amina Seidu says:

    Thanks so much. Valuable information. Please the Brother PE800 seems to be difficult to get. Do you recommend another machine for a beginner friendly? Lots of love; from the Netherlands

  3. Rita’s Sewing Haven says:

    I’m your 138th subscriber! 😁. I put this cu lately I sub and the next time I visit the youtuber has like 10,000 subs! I just want to see it happen I wanted to ask, are you doing this full time? How long did it take you to start profiting about 1,000-2000 a month. And do you have help? Do you have a room for this? How many machines do you have? I I’ve your bun, how did you make it? Ty

  4. Life Skills with Aslam says:

    very informative and helpful video
    I bought embroidery machine 3years ago and didn't use properly I want to start my Homebase business and so confused😢plz share more videos doing great job thank you.💖🤗

  5. Rachel Mancilla says:

    Thank you so much for sharing, Mary!!

    I’ve had my Janome machine for a year & am ready to conquer this. I’m from Houston & am expecting my first baby – so I’m hoping this will expand my confidence to add items to my Etsy shop.

    Looking forward to more videos!!

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