33 thoughts on “How To Make A Logo Mood Board. (Simple method) 😲 | Bộ Sưu Tập nội dung liên quan moodboard chi tiết

  1. Paronatic says:

    Hey Will, i have been following ur channel since I started logo design. I have been trying to change my style to a very minimal logo design. I want to make grid logos/monogram logos with letters combined into a logo. Or maybe even a shape of something could be made like that. Could you please make a video on how to design the grid which we can then fill up with the shape builder tool. Thanks and it would mean a lot!!

  2. Xirpzy says:

    Colour it is!

    I see many make a mishmash of mood and detailed/technical reference board. For me it helps to keep them separated. A moodboard can contain anything that reminds of a similar feeling.

  3. OmeglaWaffles101 says:

    You should consider doing a logo design video and giving us fake or real client projects so that we can work along with your video and create and practice our own logos. Its very hard for starting designers like me to practice when we aren't too confident yet. Or better yet, make a video on how to practice logo design and get better

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