41 thoughts on “HOW MUCH – NAIL CHANGE -GLITTER ART TO NUDE BLING – TRANSFORMATION | Bộ Sưu Tập nội dung nói về logo nail đúng chuẩn

  1. InfiniteNailsbyJess Porter says:

    I’m not sure if it got cut out but did Tracey have to rough up the top of the mani q with a file before doing the clear sculpture/stones? Also, she did not wipe the sticky layer after sugaring into the mani q… I am trying to do this exact process… please let me know

  2. sushles says:

    I'm a bit confused.

    I can see in the inspo pic the tech used two Swarovski crystals on the pinky, a bunch of ss7 on the ring fingers, likely clear cavair or Swarovski Crystal pixie, and a bunch of crystals on the index fingers..

    However in the video, Tracey proceeds to just use glitter to make a facsimile instead of the actual art.

    Is the objective to give us a price range?

  3. Chris Hall says:

    The long cover pink almonds just look so good on Tracy .. I know she hates pink but if she knew how good it looks on her nails she’d wear a full set 24/7.. I don’t like pink either except my nails I always do pink or nude with a silver or grey even white sometimes.. I know it’s boring I’ll do whatever colors my clients want..just me with the nudes and basics

  4. Valena Ozuna says:

    Im a little confused…. So please correct me if im wrong 👍 so i know her fullset price is $90 but she didnt do a full set. Her previous set was already a nude except for the one glitter nail. Yeah she removed everything, but she only did that to only one nail. So she would charge just her fill price ($60) instead of fullset price ($90) right?

  5. Catherine Backel says:

    I would love to know how much time you allocate to do the removal and new set also if you culd break it down removal ….. apply….artwork that would be awesome, maybe you could change it to how much and how long should it take Thanks Cath

  6. Finne Pablo says:

    I love the pricing. People in Trinidad need to see this.. so I was wondering the foreign exchange I multiplied 90 by 5 I got $450.. not sure how much yall dollar equals but when I look at it I really charge to little. Ah shame. Thankyou for this.Muah. trini love

  7. tmcdgreen says:

    Is it acceptable to do the math before hand to see if the client is comfortable with the cost, or do you think that it would start the appointment on the wrong foot? 🤔 or do you think the set price of acrylics full set gives the client enough of an idea on how much they will end up spending?

  8. Lorena Perez says:

    Wow, my guess was $110 based on what I've seen so far and how Tracy prices her work. 90 for set, 10 for glitter and 10 for the stones. Loving this series, can't wait for the next one.

  9. Stacey Boyden says:

    Im lovin these how much videos and im always in doubt with my pricing coz its something you dont get taught and ive had to like work it out myself and research around my area and its been a sruggle for me and im based in the uk, so doing a bit conversion has been fun and interestin, so like thank you guys xx

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