GIMP Tutorial: Business Card Design | Bộ Sưu Tập đề tài nhắc đến name card đúng nhất

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Đọc những đề tài về name card về GIMP Tutorial: Business Card Design Đúng Nhất

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GIMP Tutorial: Business Card Design và các hình ảnh liên quan đến nội dung này.

GIMP Tutorial: Business Card Design
GIMP Tutorial: Business Card Design

name card và các Tin Tức có nhắc đến chuyên mục.

Create a print-ready business card sized at US standard 3.5×2″ with a 0.25″ bleed and at 350 DPI. All of the resources mentioned in this video can be …

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#GIMP #Tutorial #Business #Card #Design.


GIMP Tutorial: Business Card Design.

name card.

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42 thoughts on “GIMP Tutorial: Business Card Design | Bộ Sưu Tập đề tài nhắc đến name card đúng nhất

  1. MO says:

    Question: you said to add 1/4" to EACH side for bleed, so wouldn't increase the overall image size by 1/2" in each axis? (overall image size 4" x 2.5"… not 3.75" x 2.25" where you are essentially adding 1/8" to each side)

  2. Geovanny Avendano Moncada says:

    Hello Nick, excellent video, quick question, should we export the file as PDF image for higher quality print? or which file do you recommend we export so that the printing shops don`t have any issues when our clients take the images to the shops for printing and they upload the image to different software each store might be using. I`m curious more about the PDF file how they would scale it to print but I guess I should not worry about that part? thanks Nick, any insight would be great, enjoy the day

  3. Paradise Awaits says:

    So, will it be better to use 350 DPI than 300 DPI when I am enlarging a ready to print/flatten/layered image from 2400×3000 to a very large image of 7200x 10800 or will 300 DPI be okay? I have to have some of my prints enlarged to that size (I'm still learning). Thanks in advance, and thanks for the great instructional videos.

  4. The x guy says:

    Hey man ,
    I am a big FAN and I am following you from a long while..
    I had a question
    Do you use inkscape and Gimp as a full time job ( I know you are a Freelancer ) ? I mean can I earn my daily life just using Gimp or inkscape without using Photoshop or illustrator ?
    Considering I have the talent ?
    Your answer would be appreciated !

    And I have a suggestion…
    What about a Q&A when u reach 100k subs ?

  5. Cartoon Corner says:

    When i designed a business card i have choosen black ,but when i exported it and saw in my mobile phone its dark grey…. could you help me with this
    Why this happened
    I have done the steps exactly u did
    Dpi was 350
    If you can give me ur whatsapp no. Or anything else where i will be able to share the card

  6. Stephen Roberts says:

    I work at a national chain copy/print shop. The number of graphic design students that don't seem to understand bleed AND safe areas is quite soul crushing.
    One other thing to add…. Depending on requirements based on printing equipment, 200 dpi would still yield a decent quality print. Some places, like where I work, have networks that get choked on files that are set at a higher dpi, IF they are not optimized for printing (flattening layers, etc.). Bring a drive with all resource and work files for corrections, but have a print/press-ready file to test. I have seen PSD files go from a 2.5 mb file, balloon to over a Gigabyte on a network attached Fiery, and take 5 minutes to process.

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