36 thoughts on “Flame Nail Art Using Chrome Powders | Danh Sách chủ đề nhắc đến logo nail chi tiết

  1. Jessica Mason-Fobert says:

    I love them both 🥰💜!! I would’ve loved to see a third one with matte back and shine flames 🔥 !! That would look sooooooo cool 😎!!! Love all of your work !! And I watch all of your videos lol. I’m running out of videos to watch lmao 😆 💜. Thanks for the ideas and content. Love ya 💙

  2. cherrie meade says:

    Beautiful beautiful love ❤️ xxxx and I know this Chanel is helping me with Covid I love spending time with you guys being disabled and on the critical list my life is home most the time so doing my nails 💅🏻 and being with use keeps me mind together love ❤️ you guys thanks 😊 so much xxxxxx

  3. nailed_by_kayy says:

    this video has been super helpful! I've been experimenting with different styles of flames but there was just something that looked off about them but I really like these ones❤ also id love to know what tips you use in videos like this one.. they are the perfect shape!!!😍❤

  4. misskane2003 says:

    I tried this and the chrome powder stained the background. Not sure if it’s the matte top coat but it did not come out as clean as yours. I’ll try buffing the matte coat next time. Any suggestions?? Xo

  5. Kathy Carroll says:

    I've started watching Adam as well. And I must say, you both are really fine people! Just every kind and funny folks! As others have said, you both have lifted my spirit during the pandemic! I have lung disease. And it's made me quite afraid to go outside. So I've been locked up this whole time with no touch from a friend,family or other here. It get pretty darn lonely after a while! So…. Thank you Kirsty and Adam for being good and entertaining! 😄

  6. Wendy Smith says:

    I love that you draw your flames. You are actually the 1st nail tech that I've seen draw on your own flames. Every nail tech that I watch takes the easy way out & uses decals. I'm sending you LOVE all the way from Baltimore, Maryland in the USA. ❤❤❤❤❤

  7. Alexandra Frame says:

    The fallen angel as you called it, I like that one best. 8 like it when the nude was matte and the flame were glossy. I thought it looked really cool. Hell without you and Adam I’d be in a nut house, well if I’m honest I could still probably go.LOL

  8. Sheila Holmquist says:

    Your mastery of art is amazing, I'm not a nail artist, though I've used your techniques in doing my nails. Thank you for making a nurse's days so much more enjoyable!!❤❤

  9. sharexoshowxo says:

    I look forward to these videos every single day. In the time of Covid-19 and lockdown, the Naio Nails channel with Kirsty and Adam definitely raise my spirits and my skills. I get sad during the weekend because I don't have a tutorial to try out! This channel is my instructor, teacher, and nail guru all in one. The products are amazing and Kirsty is pure inspiration every time. Love, love, love these nail videos… don't ever stop making them!

  10. Shauna Corrigan says:

    The tip about using matte top coat on the parts you don't want the chrome powder to stick to is brilliant! I'm going to try it today. I always learn the most useful things from Kirsty!

  11. Mandy Brekke says:

    When do you get to be out of lock down? Here in South Dakota USA we never were really in a lockdown. More of a suggested "stay at home" kind of deal. Almost everything is open again here. Some places have shorter hours but that's about it. Hopefully you get out soon! ❤❤❤

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