38 thoughts on “FARMHOUSE FALL (2019) |Dollar Tree DIY | MONOGRAM WREATH | Danh Sách nội dung nhắc đến monogram chi tiết

  1. Janice Bradford says:

    These are beautiful. You come up with such terrific ideas. I love the contrast of the red flowers and polka dot ribbon. Sometimes I’m not sure what to share. Let m know sometimes in the wee hours of the morning. I comment too much, I just saw a video where you break the green wreath form down so that you have the large outer ring and yep
    O small ones. You take gallon paint stirrers and the part with the notch goes in the widest piece of wreath form, then the opposite end goes to the bottom. I will check spin notes and see if I find what video I saw the basket in. It made a large basket. Oh I love the R. Thanks for showing us how to make something really nice.

  2. The Weeks Nest DIY says:

    Excellent job as always Rosemary ! You achieved such a high end look that turned out beautiful 😍 do you find when you dry mod podge method it lessens the amount of bubbles you get ? I’m the worst with mod podge , I always have bubbles 🤣 . Have a wonderful day and as always thank you for sharing 🤗💕

  3. Evelynne Conrad says:

    Script is the way I would have went, it is a bit different that wood which is used a lot. Love those orange hydrangeas what a great color. Love the idea of using the raffia on the wreath, a good alternative to ribbon. You definitely think out of the box and find solutions. I spent a couple of hours today using wire to attach flowers to a wreath. Like yours so much better. Love your bow! Love the finish project!

  4. Michele Heinze says:

    This wreath is gorgeous! I'd never think of wrapping a wreath form with raffia, and then cutting the form you get another form. What a great idea. Thank you so much for sharing. You are amazing.

  5. Brenda Moring says:

    Beautiful! Love the orange hydrangeas. I liked the paper you used on the R. I thought it matched perfectly because the texture looked like the burlap ribbon. Thanks for sharing your amazing talent. Have a blessed day.

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