34 thoughts on “Exporting design assets for web – File types & optimization | Tập Hợp chủ đề liên quan đến save for web trong photoshop chi tiết

  1. Ajay M says:

    You've managed to explain the tricky business of exporting design assets without confusing your audience. Other videos on this subject seemed too technical to me. Thanks for simplifying things for us … I'm going to check out your channel.

  2. David Picarazzi says:

    Hey Charli, one thing i am a bit confused about is – if we have two versions of an image (1x and 2x), why would we even bother to use the 1x one if the 2x will have better quality anyways?

    Im currently working on a product page design in sketch, so I have pictures of models wearing clothing. So to get better quality I would export each image at 2x right? But then Im thinking why would i even keep the 1x

    Also, why do you shrink the jpg but then make it double the size? Wont that just create the same result as?

  3. Ellie May says:

    Yup, this is really solid, exactly what I've done after 15 years of trial and error, wouldn't change a thing. You could of made that PNG asset a JPG though, since it's a solid purple background, doesn't have to be a PNG unless you plan to have that background color change 🙂

  4. Laneways.Agency Software & Media says:

    Your vlogs are SO helpful. Thanks CharliMarieTV !

    Does anyone know what format I should ask a designer to SEND me files in, so that I can easily add them to Sketch App? I am loathe to end up with 40 pages worth of SVGs that I need to rearrange all over again! I did the wireframes, she is doing the final design, then I need to turn the wireframes into final designs that are InVision freindly.

  5. DORRITO says:

    Hello, I'm brand new to sketch 3 and am designing my very first functioning website using meteor/react. I've already exported a few symbols that I've used for tab icons and such, so I'm getting the gist of it, but I still haven't 100% grasped what sketch 3 is fully for! I use balsamiq for wireframing, and I understand how sketch is a step up for clients to see a finished product design, but other than that, is it good for much else?

    I guess I'm wondering if I should only be using exports for pictures/backgrounds/icons, and the purpose is to save css design time or easily add photos, OR if I should be exporting full pages,

    Thanks for your time!

  6. SetThoseDucksFree says:

    Pro tips:
    – PNGs can be much much smaller then JPGs when the content is flat/graphical content (icons, logos, buttons etc). But they will be much much bigger with photo content or repeated color differences. A great option when svg doesn't fit the bill like a huge infographic. It will turn out much smaller the a JPG.
    – A dark image will weigh more then a light image (sometimes twice a over).
    – The legacy save for web and new export layer in Photoshop let you see the export sizes before the fact. You can test it.
    – If you're on Photoshop, and the layer is something with few colors and flat, try exporting it as PNG8 instead of PNG24. It can make a huge difference in size. Sometimes even 5 times smaller then the universal default of PNG24.

  7. Birgitte K. L says:

    Hello Charli! First things first; I love your channel and podcast! And I therefore was wondering if you could maybe help me with something. I am applying to design studies at the moment, and they all have entrance exams. One of the assignments is to design a search engine, not code it, just design. Problem is; I have never done this before, so I am not sure how I should create the deliverables? The designs I figure should be made in Illustrator, or perhaps Sketch like you recommend, but should the full-page designs then just be exported as jpegs and delivered that way? Perhaps create mock-ups of them on a computer screen? Or is there a way I can be sure that the end recipient can view them in a browser? Should I include all the assets I created and used as separate files? I am so unsure! I would love to hear your thoughts on this, after all I really want to deliver my designs according to the industry standard, to impress as much as possible. Thank you for continuing to share so much great insight through your youtube channel and podcast!

  8. Dule#3 says:

    Hello, I like your tutorials. 🙂 It is very useful and i learned a lot. Could you record tutorial about that how you choose colors for projects, which tools using to choose to make right choice which color scheme you will use. Thank you 🙂

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