49 thoughts on “DIY Testing Dip Powder Nail Kit from Amazon Prime – Azure Beauty | Tập Hợp chủ đề về logo nail Đầy đủ

  1. Basic Bailey says:

    i asked for this brands kit for my birthday, and my told told me she got it. but mine comes with 20 different powders, not just four, so im excited! ive only done dip powder nails about 4-5 times now, and honestly im surprised with how easy they are to do!

  2. Arrhda Akason says:

    Not just do I love you, I also love your family, baby Mia🥰🥰 and damn! Your intro and outro whooosh! So is that saying that?😅 I like say it with him every single time I watch a video, how did you even come up with that? It is just simply amazing 🥰😘😘love love ❤️

  3. Renny Justin says:

    It’s great to do manicures at home using nail powders. You will never be bored doing home manicures with the best #nail powder kits. I use #Sistaco’s nail powder kits for elegant, gorgeous nails in all types of nude to bold colours, and they are very easy to use.

  4. k.allen says:

    Do you remember if these nails actually got hard for filing? I'm using another amazon kit atm and my nails don't actually fully harden throughout and it's super annoying.

  5. Angela Beechan says:

    I got an azure kit and finally worked up the courage to give it a try after watching this video. I pulled it up and was watching and pausing as needed. I have a long way to go to get my nails looking like yours but, I don't think it turned out to bad for my first attempt

  6. Bella novia says:

    I’m gonna be completely honest I personally don’t like dip nails because I feel like they get too lumpy and bumpy. But gel is my personal favorite. Poly gel is the most aesthetically pleasing but I still think this mani came out really beautiful ❤️

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