33 thoughts on “Designing a Monogram Sign Using Vectric Software | Bộ Sưu Tập đề tài nói về monogram Đầy đủ

  1. thefilthelement says:

    I'm having trouble with mine, while cutting the profile of part of the name it isn't cutting in the correct place. Vcarve is showing the toolpath as going on the correct path in the preview but it isn't. It is cutttng high under the LIN as if both lines under those letters are the same line, but on the following letters it cuts correctly.

  2. Patrick Womack says:

    Great video. Is there a simple way to use a 1/4" endmill to cut the majority of the waste and then profile with the 1/16" bit? Or would you have to make 2 separate toolpaths and just let the software decide where the 1/4" bit won't fit?

  3. Graham 69 says:

    Thank you I was getting so disheartened as I was struggling with my machine and not being able to make anything but thanks to this video I made a piece of woodwork that my wife actually wants
    Can’t thank you enough 😁

  4. Rick Underhill says:

    Hi Mark, I've been enjoying your videos as a "sort of newbee" and working along as I begin my Aspire learning curve. Following along on this video and I got to the Tool pathing, and previewed The Monogram Toolpath. Following your lead I double clicked on the Drops, but them most of the preview disappeared. As I attempted to work through it, I even got a Warning saying that all the Material will be deleted. I'm sure that I've got something awry, but haven't found it yet. It all looks good until I get rid of the drops. No open vectors. Material at .25, depthj of cut .255, etc. Thoughts?

  5. H H says:

    Off topic question. VcarvePro 8.5 has a utility named “do separate last pass” and you specify how much to take off and if you want to go in a reverse direction. I tried several different amounts to remove thinking there may be a certain amount it is looking for. . However I have have never been able to activate it, and yes I do check the box. What’s the trick to get it to work?

  6. Mark Iannacone Sr says:

    Great video as always and thanks.I have a question I know will be tough without seeing but,I did 2 monograms the same and on each one I can't trim out a line in 2 different spots which will not let me close out all the vectors.

  7. Wally's Toolshed says:

    Mark, another very informative video. I just have a couple of questions, what material are you cutting, and will a 1/16" bit with a 3/16" LOC as per your amazon link cut through the material. Again, keep up the great videos you provide. Thanks

  8. Jeff Burklow says:

    Mark another home run. thanks for clarifying this procedure so well. I followed along step by step and ran into open vectors along the way. i looked back through the steps and of course there were trim cuts that I missed in some very small areas. But your great advice to take it slow and zoom way in and go one letter/area at a time made all the difference! I hope to get the piece run today. I think it will make my wife happy… thank you again for all you do for the cnc community.

  9. resorter66 says:

    Mark one question When you use the painters tape and ca glue what do you add to the depth of cut to account for the thickness of the glue.and tape. Also cover all of the tape with glue it the monogram you just did.

  10. resorter66 says:

    It seems like you are reading my mind the last 3 videos you have done . They are all things I have been wanting to learn or create myself. I have two great grant daughters and two great grandson That need the on there Room Doors,
    Thanks Mark. See you this afternoon

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