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    ☕🍛 …It’s a rainy night in Tokyo. The streets of Yongen-Jaya are quiet and peaceful. As you approach a quaint little coffee shop, you gaze through a rain-covered window to see what's inside. You notice the cafe tables and their deep rich browns. The sweet fragrance of coffee with its dark, alluring aroma calls you in from the early autumn evening. You decide to enter.

    The ambience of the cafe and its scenic scents send your soul into a cozy cocoon for a few blessed moments.
    The cafe and its honeyed hues bring a sweetness to the day, coaxing an inner smile that warms you from within. You get situated in your favorite nook and make yourself right at home. By this time, the cafe is the colour of ripe tangerines. It has a soft glow to it, and the jazz pours out of its open doors, carrying with it the fragrance of steaming hot curry. Once settled, you take a sip of warm, rich coffee and begin your crossword puzzle as the ambiance of friendly chatter, fragrant aromas, and smooth jazz soothe away your troubles…

    00:01|01|Beneath the Mask – rain, instrumental version –
    04:39|02|BAR Yuu Corner
    05:33|03|Hoshi To Bokura To (Jazz Cover)
    15:35|05|No More What Ifs
    19:36|06|Memories of a Summer Day
    24:58|08|Days of Sisters
    27:11|09|With the Stars & Us (English Cover)
    33:14|10|SNOWFLAKES (Jazz Cover)
    39:52|11|Beneath the Mask – rain, Lyn version –
    44:30|12|When My Mother Was There (Jazz Cover)
    50:02|13|No More What Ifs (Jazz Cover)
    56:45|15|Heaven (Jazz Cover)
    1:00:50|16|Beneath the Mask (Full Jazz Band Cover)
    1:05:10|17|No More What Ifs (Jazz Cover)

  2. A. Theil says:

    Listening to Persona music gives me such a bittersweet feeling. It's both relaxing to me, yet it makes me miss those better days. I guess growing older in the middle of a pandemic will do that to you

  3. Kévin Chevallier says:

    Can someone let me know more about the painting to the right?
    I feel like I studied it a long time ago in japanese art classes but I can't find any information on it !

    Thanks !

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