30 thoughts on “Brother SE600 Monogram Three (3) Letters Using Touchscreen | Danh Sách nội dung về monogram đúng nhất

  1. Rose Koger says:

    Thanks so much !! Just got a new SE 600 ,followed all of your instructions,and it turned out
    very good!! You give very good and detailed instructions.Please continue making these kind of videos.

  2. •I'm a Whosoever • says:

    Great Video! I am very new to the embroidering field and I was needing some help on monograms and such. Do you have to have editing software to download a monogram onto a USB to use on your machine? Or can you just download the design and your machine lets you pick your letters? Look forward to hearing back. Thanks again for this video!

  3. Blah Blah says:

    I change the color of each letter. This way after each letter is sewn it automatically cuts the thread and you dont have to cut jump threads. I just keep the black spool in for each letter.

  4. A.J London says:

    I purchased the SE600 on January 13th (from your site online) and returned it as it was a defective machine. I received a replacement Jan 29th. Just like the previous machine this new machine also does not have the "add" button feature as shown on your video re: basic embroidery 2-01 (1.23 minutes in the video) as shown for the SE600 model. It is a very simple video and I followed it step by step.  In order to ensure that I, had not made the mistake I reviewed the video exactly 10X. I pressed the "set"  button (as directed by your tech person with the first machine) and no "add" button appears. Then I had family members review the video as well and attempt to find the "add" button. None of them could find it either because the "add" button is not on either machines I have received. This is the exact same flaw as in the first machine. Something is wrong with the software on this model. Maybe it is the factory.

  5. Winni Rocks says:

    So glad I found you! New sub here and ALL your videos have helped me. Finally took my se 600 out of the box. As a newbie, what software do you recommend that’s affordable?

  6. Delores Ann Brozek says:

    Greatest explanation of setting machine to use embroidery file. Love watching your channel. Keep making these videos. All I need is to find out how to transfer designs to Flash drive. Thanks

  7. Haidee Haidee says:

    Just a quick question. When you turn on the machine, and tap the screen to get started, should the needle shift the right and back to the left with a loud noise? I'm wondering if my new machine is ok

  8. Muhammad Usman says:

    Hey. ..I'm also about to start making designs and print them out on the single needle embroidery machine..just needed a little help…I wanna know how I could design it..I have seen your pink cat tutorial but I want it in detail of how to use the software and make digital designs…need a demo…your videos seems basic and easy to understand…so if you could…help me out please…

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