22 thoughts on “Brother PE800 Stitching out a Monogram Design From Start to Finish | SEWING REPORT | Danh Sách đề tài nhắc đến monogram chi tiết

  1. Jo Jeaux says:

    Thanks for sharing your ideas! The monogram came out beautiful! After many years of sewing, I recently bought a similar model so I'm still in the learning stage on the embroidery feature. It would be helpful to see more on machine/design setup, hooping technique, stabilizer application, threading/changing colors, etc….that sort of thing. Look forward to seeing more of your videos. Keep stitching!

  2. Brenda Salazar says:

    Is there a limit of how small you can embroider? I want to add tiny cute designs on my baby's shirts, burping cloths, socks, etc. I don't want it to be too big. Just a cute small design on a corner.

  3. T R says:

    Hey what can I do on my PE800 if I want my embroidery to be thicker? I know I should buy thicker thread right? But what should I set the settings to on my machine???? Please let me know. Thank uuuu

  4. Lin's Stitch Witchery says:

    Hi found you a couple of weeks ago, just catching up to your PE800 and brother serger videos. Thank you so much 😊 please continue posting. It would be really nice to see more PE800 machine appliqué. Thanks again stay safe

  5. Edith Jensen says:

    I am new to embroidering and recently bought the PE 800 machine, when I am doing my monogram stitching my stitching is really loose. What could be causing that? How do I fix it? Thank You.

  6. Kim Ingram says:

    Just purchased mine. (Delivered tomorrow) Upgrading from the se400. Do you know if this allows you to do a basting stitch around it? Thanks so much for your videos, you make things make sense for me 😄

  7. Mona Senter says:

    I will be purchasing an embroidery machine soon. I am leaning more towards the pe800. (You got me hooked). Do you know if it is better to purchase a machine that only embroiders rather than a machine that also sews? I'm wondering if a machine that does both would wear out sooner?

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