48 thoughts on “3D Nail Art | Gaudy Gold Nails | Chrome Nail Art on XXXL Long Coffin Press-on Nails! DIY | Tập Hợp đề tài liên quan logo nail Đầy đủ

  1. Amoure Jones says:

    I love that you said you tried not to get too detailed. I know that's right lmbo. Girl if you had gotten any more detailed these would be in a museum. I love this set. Thanks for sharing your craft and skill. Blessings.

  2. dawn lauria says:

    My darling u are my amazing. I have followed u a long time. Now. I’ll be stalking. Lol. Bravo.✨❤️🙏♥️✨may I say your work. And the way you come through shows u asr a beautiful talented strong woman ! Ps ( arch). Sounds like the bottom of your foot 😂.
    Can’t wait to watch more of u. These are something my momma 😢💔. Would love. So beautiful so special for me. I’m gonna give it a try. Nice to meet u Stay safe. Bless u xx.,..Dawn L

  3. SXYBrown Suga says:

    No disrespect at all to the creator that inspired this look; she created a great set but if I had to choose one to wear it'd be these! The great amount of detail, nude French, "half moon" and bling took them to the next level. Simply beautiful as usual.

  4. Monifa Tyson says:

    😍😍 I seen these on Instagram and thought they were okay but your version is so much better and beautiful! You really put a lot of thought into it and this is how I invisioned nails like this!

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