15 thoughts on “🌟 How to Create Split Letter Monogram Designs in Cricut Design Space | Danh Sách chủ đề liên quan đến monogram đúng nhất

  1. darlene roach says:

    Hi Becky, New to silhouette studio. wondering if one of the tool options is symmetrical mirror. I have looked several times but cannot find it. could be in the software and I just missed it, i am good at those type of things. Your videos are very informative. very easy to follow and for someone like me that is a big plus…

  2. Barbara Gazzano Bunger says:

    I can see when you need to attach the layers as you did here, but when do you use weld?
    I enjoy your videos very much. I just finished
    2 teeshirts for my little grandson. A big orange bulldozer on a black shirt and I did a res fire truck INFUSIBLE ink on white. I really am proud of myself. They were my first projects on Cricut. 💕🐶🌼🌺🐰

  3. June Hetrick says:

    I’m a new Cricut owner. I find it a little intimidating, but I’m eager and anxious to learn how to use it. I enjoyed your tutorial, but you went a little too fast. I had to keep rewinding and taking notes. I’m sure in time once I learn more I’ll get it. Thanks for sharing!

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